How terrified would you be if you were out for a leisurely Sunday drive and saw none other than Amy Winehouse hurtling towards you in a learner driver car? Well unfortunately boys and girls, that horrific fate awaits some of us now she’s admitted to want to learn to drive.

Amy Winehouse -

Amy Winehouse - "Honestley officer, I haven't had a drop..."

The troubled singer, who is already pretty busy battling drink and drug addictions, has decided it’s time to grow up (baby steps) and has decided that getting her driving licence is first on her ‘things to do’ list.

Amy, 25, is trying to take up more normal activities after returning from her jaunt in the Caribbean - which saw her crawling around on the floor pretending to be a horse - and thinks getting her own vintage car is the first step.

A pal told The Sun; “Amy’s looking for things to do to keep her away from the temptation of drink and drugs. Learning to drive is top of her list. She wants a cute vintage car to drive around her posh new neighbourhood. It’s great news for her friends and family — she will have to avoid drink and drugs in order to get behind the wheel. But it might not be such good news for the motorists of North London. They should probably be warned to be on their guard.”

Let’s just hope Amy can stay under the legal driving limit long enough to pass her test. Beep Beep!

FemaleFirst - Ruth Harrison