WEBSITE LISTS BAND AID SINGLE DESTRUCTION TECHNIQUESA new website is urging BAND AID fans to buy the 20th anniversary charity single - and destroy it. The site BANDAIDDILEMMA.NET offers CD-demolishing tips for those who hate the critically-mauled new version of DO THEY KNOW IT'S CHRISTMAS?The British site's webmaster GREEBA insists the record sucks, but still suggests people buy the single - to help raise funds for African charities. Greeba states, "This site only condones the destruction of CDs that have been purchased by legitimate means, thus giving the funds to the charitable cause at the heart of the Band Aid project."I grew up in the '80s. I remember the original Band Aid fondly. Fast forward to now, and we have Band Aid 20... The result lacks 'oomph' and some African friends of mine think the lyrics are really dumb."The methods of destroying the CD include toasting it over an open fire and setting it alight with a blow torch.

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