Des'ree Sues Beyonce.... British singer Des'Ree is suing Beyonce Knowles, claiming she ignored copyright rules when recording a cover of her hit Kissing You.Des'ree filed a lawsuit in Manhattan on Wednesday (18Apr07), alleging Knowles never obtained proper clearance to use the song she wrote.According to the suit, obtained by, Des'ree claims the terms her team submitted to Knowles for use of the song were not satisfactory, and as a result the former Destiny's Child star ignored copyright law and recorded her own version.The terms stated Knowles couldn't retitle the song or film a video using the track.Knowles recorded the track as Still In Love (Kissing You) for the new Deluxe Edition of her B'Day album.Des'ree is seeking $150,000 (£77,000) in damages.

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