Courtney Taylor

Courtney Taylor

The Dandy Warhols were almost forced to scrap a London concert atthe weekend (21Apr12) after singer Courtney Taylor-Taylor was diagnosed with an ear infection.

The frontman admits he began to feel ill during the band's set in Manchester, England on Friday (20Apr12) and they wrapped up the show a little early after Taylor-Taylor felt his voice go hoarse.

But, after seeking medical advice, he decided to press on with the gig at London's HMV Forum on Saturday (21Apr12), and managed to perform a full set after a day of rest.

He tells Nme magazine, "It was scary - I lost my voice in Manchester, so we had to cut the set a little short and get me out of there. I'd neve rlost my voice before.

"I'd been looking forward to this HMV Forum show, and it would have been such a drag to have to cancel it".