Duran Duran

Duran Duran

It was months before I was let in on the secret.

British pop stars Duran Duran tried to avoid running in trouble with the law during their drug and sex-fueled heyday by having their U.S. tour managers notify them of the age of consent in each state they played.

Bassist John Taylor has lifted the lid on some of the Rio hitmakers' dirty little secrets in his forthcoming autobiography In the Pleasure Groove, but he admits it took him a few months to catch on to what the mysterious numbers on the group's 1981 call sheets were actually for.

In an excerpt obtained by editors of the New York Post's Page Six column, Taylor writes, "Of absolute necessity for any touring musician is the itinerary. In the left-hand corner of each page of the U.S. itinerary, there was a number, usually 18, 21, or 20. It was months before I was let in on the secret. The numbers referred to the legal age for sexual intercourse in that particular state".

In the Pleasure Grove is set for release this autumn.