Most people will know at least one of Feists' songs - '1 2 3 4' is the song featured on the latest iPod Nano advert. Here we find out a bit more about the woman behind the catchy song...Leslie Feist is an award-winning singer/songwriter from Canada, she performs as a solo artist under the name Feist. She is also co-founder and member of the indie rock supergroup Broken Social Scene.Feist began her career in music back in 1991 when she became lead vocalist for a punk band called Placebo. The band won a battle of the bands competition and the prize was to perform at a festival called Infest in 1993 which featured the Ramones. At this festival she met Brenden Canning and her current boyfriend Kevin Drew with which she formed the band Broken Social Scene ten years later. Feist was forced to take time off from her music when she had to recover from vocal damage. Instead, she took up rhythm guitar and became the rhythm guitarist for the band By Divine Right. In 1999, Feist lived with her friend Merrill Nisker, otherwise known electro-punk star Peaches. Feist worked backstage at Peaches' shows where she met musician Gonzales and a long term collaboration formed. Feist has released three albums - 'Let It Die', 'Open Season' and 'The Reminder'. Let it Die consisted of songs from her home recorded songs which she called The Red Demos. The album featured original songs and covers. Feist was hailed as an innovative interpreter of other artists' songs as well as an established songwriter. She won two Canadian Juno Awards for the album including 'Best New Artist' and 'Best Alternative Rock Album' in 2004. 'Let It Die' sold 500,000 worldwide and it went platinum in her homeland Canada. In 2006 she released the follow up to 'Let It Die'. 'Open Season' was an album of remixes and collaborations which she recorded at LaFretty Studio's with Gonzales and her touring band.'The Reminder' was released in April 2007, she toured world wide to promote the album. The album features '1234', the song made famous by the iPod Nano advert. With the help of the advert she reached no.8 on the US chart by just downloads alone. 'The Reminder' has sold a million copies worldwide.

Feist was featured on the cover of the New York Times arts section in June 2007. She was also photographed by top photographer Annie Leibovitz for the November 2007 issue of Vanity Fair as part of a photo essay on folk music which also featured Joni Mitchell.

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