Franz Ferdinand have parted ways with the producer of their new album.The band were working with Xenomania's Brian Higgins, most famous for his work with Girls Aloud, but the group's frontman, Alex Kapranos, has now revealed the recording sessions have been aborted.He said: "We spent a week or so with Brian and it was wonderfully stimulating. He's a real maverick."It was inspiring but it didn't work out completely in the end."I suppose what we discovered is that although we love playing pop melodies, we're not a pop group." The Scottish group have now set up home in an old town hall in Glasgow to work on the record, and Alex promises it will sound different to their previous efforts.He said: "We knew we couldn't just repeat what we'd done on previous albums. Both Paul [Thomson, drummer] and I had been listening to a lot of those Ethiopique compilations ['60s and '70s East African music].

"The beats have been inspired by that stuff."

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