Jake Owen

Jake Owen

Country music star Jake Owen has opened up about his snowboarding accident in January (12), revealing he was so badly injured his collar bone was sticking out of his shoulder.

I kinda laid there for a minute because I couldn't get up

The singer returned to the stage for the first time since undergoing surgery last week (03Feb12) and now is revealing the gruesome details of his accident on the slopes of Crested Butte, Colorado.

Owen had to postpone a number of shows after smashing into an ice blockand he reveals the accident was sickening.

He tells CountryWeekly.com, "I failed to see that there was a snowdriftin front of me and I crushed it. And then, face first. Bam! The next thing I remember, I came to, and my bone was sticking out of the left-hand side of my shoulder. I kind of was shocked a little bit. "I can honestly say I didn't tear up or anything.

I think I was more inshock.

I kinda laid there for a minute because I couldn't get up.

I couldn't push myself up.

"This guy came up behind me (and said), 'Are you alright?' 'Man, I don't think so.' The next thing you know, they were taking me on a stretcher down to the base. I felt constant pain. I couldn't move, 'cause the bone was sticking out of the skin".

Owen now has eight screws and a plate in his collarbone and says, "I feel no pain whatsoever".

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