LIAM GALLAGHER SLAMS 'BORING' BONO'S RELIGIOUS TALKSOASIS rocker LIAM GALLAGHER has slammed U2 star BONO's "boring" attempts to convert him to Christianity - insisting he is his own God.The WONDERWALL singer recently shattered his rock 'n' roll image by confessing he regularly goes to church to confess his sins, but his belief in himself rises above everything else.But Liam refuses to follow his sibling's religious beliefs, despite Bono's persistent efforts to show him the way of the Lord.He complains, "What can Bono tell me I don't know I'm not looking for guidance. There are days I believe and days I don't. And days I think, 'F**k the lot of them, I'm going for a Stella (beer).'"And when I've had ten of them, I'm f**king God. F**k Bono. I don't need his guidance. He'd talk a glass eye to sleep."

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