Adam Levine Ghosts At Houdini's Mansion Aided Album.... Maroon 5 frontman Adam Levine is glad he recorded his new album at the former mansion of legendary magician Harry Houdini - the ghosts there helped them write "some great songs".The This Love singer insists the band shared the mansion with things not from this world - but far from being scared they turned to the spirits for musical help.He says, "I'd show up, do my work and leave before I could see the blood coming out of the walls "If there were spirits in Houdini's old house they were benevolent."We came out with some great songs so they must have helped us. And we did have a pretty epic Halloween party there."Meanwhile the rockers Maroon 5 once played a gig to an audience of zero, prompting even the barman to leave and go home.Frontman Adam Levine insists he will always remember the empty concert hall gig.Levine tells US magazine Blender, "In a small town in Oregon, we played this bar and there was nobody there."Halfway through the bartender left, so there was literally not one person in the building. We finished our set and put our things in the van and cried ourselves to sleep."

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