Papa Roach

Papa Roach

Papa Roach cancelled a festival slot in Michigan this week (beg20Aug12) due to frontman Jacoby Shaddix's ongoing throat problems.

The band was due to perform in Grand Rapids, Michigan on Tuesday (21Aug12) as part of the Rockstar Energy Uproar Festival tour, but they dropped out of the show at the last minute.

Rockers Payable on Death filled in for the group and broke the cancellation news to fans in a post on, writing, "Headed to Grand Rapids. Papa Roach dropped off today's show so we're covering their slot last minute. Prayers 4 (sic) Jacoby to heal his vocals".

Last month (Jul12), Shaddix admitted he had been having some problems with his voice, but hoped the issue would be resolved in time for the Uproar tour, otherwise he feared he may have to undergo surgery.

He told reporters backstage at a gig in Pennsylvania, "I went to a vocal specialist. I have what's called a node that's forming on my vocal cord, so it's like a callus on my vocal cord, and so it's f**king with my top range of my vocals...

"I took some steroids, and that'll help the swelling and hopefully that'll help it go away. But if it doesn't get better, it's one of those things where you have to get surgery and do the whole thing".

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