DIDDY & ALICIA JOIN BRITNEY IN ACNE WARSEAN 'P DIDDY' COMBS and ALICIA KEYS have joined BRITNEY SPEARS and JESSICA SIMPSON in their TV war on acne.The four stars all appear in a new PROACTIV SOLUTION infomercial, presented by actress/singer VANESSA WILLIAMS, which is currently being shown on American TV.Diddy and Keys actually discuss their acne nightmares with Williams in the ad, while Simpson, who starred in Proactiv ads that ran through 2004, discusses teen acne with a group of girls who have used the miracle spot cream to clear up their complexions.Diddy, who has used the spot cream for the past six years, insists his bad skin was a secret he tried to keep throughout his twenties, and he credits Proactive products with giving him the confidence to succeed as a rap mogul.He says, "The way you take care of your face reflects who you are."Meanwhile, Keys admits she started using the product two years ago when she found herself trying to hide her spotty face from the cameras.

She explains, "I just looked in the mirror one day and I just virtually broke down... I remember going through airports with hats pulled down and people asked me all the time, 'Are you hiding?' and I think maybe I was."