Tila Tequila

Tila Tequila

Internet pin-up, reality TV star and singer Tila Tequila has signed up to star on the new season of Celebrity Rehab in a bid to clean up her act following the death of her partner Casey Johnson in December (09).

The bisexual star has been involved in a series of bizarre meltdowns this year (10) and now she has agreed to seek celebrity counsellor Dr DrewPinsky's help on his VH1 reality show, according to Tmz.com.

She is expected to clear up the confusion surrounding pregnancy announcements she made in January (10) - the colourful star looked nothing like a four-month-pregnant mum-to-be when she launched her new album with concerts recently.

She's not pregnant. There were medical complications.

And her new publicist, Brad Taylor, has confirmed his client is no longer with child.

He tells FemaleFirst, "She's not pregnant. There were medical complications".

Tequila announced she was pregnant in January (10) and prompted fears for her wellbeing and the welfare of her unborn baby a month later (Feb10)following a fall at her Los Angeles home.

The pin-up was admitted to hospital on 13 February (10) after hitting her head in the tumble.

In a panicked post on her Twitter.com blog, Tequila wrote, "I just felloff of my chair, slammed my head into the wall and heard the back of my skull crack. There's a dent in it now!"

She added, "Ambulance on the way to my house. I could have a brain concussion and die in a few hours".

She was diagnosed with a concussion and sent home, where she returned to Twitter.com to express fears about her baby's health after experiencingpains in her stomach.

In a series of bizarre blog posts, she wrote, "I just woke up in the middle of the night cuz (sic) I'm having these intense sharp pains in my belly... Something is definitely wrong. The hospital gave me a list of symptoms (of miscarriage) and this is one of them".

She then posted messages about taking her own life, writing, "I told myfriend I would just kill myself if anything ever happened".

But she decided against calling emergency services and signed off with another note explaining she would try and sleep off the pain before boarding a flight to Australia.

Her new publicist has refused to go into details about the "medical complications" that ended Tequila's pregnancy, but added, "She's very healthy and going out".

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