Ash have announced plans for new material - but are still refusing to make albums.The trio said last year they were no longer going to release conventional records because the listening habits of modern music fans have changed.Instead they are to release a series of stand alone tracks next year.Frontman Tim Wheeler says he thinks fans will be pleased with the new songs.He said: "We've got one album worth so far but we want to get a double album worth of stuff."I think it's going to be fun for our fans, getting something quite regularly from us instead of getting an album every three years. I think it's going to be really cool."Following the announcement that 2007's 'Twilight of the Innocents' would be their last conventional album release, other artists including Muse also considered following inn their footsteps - a move which Tim says he was surprised by.

He added to BBC Radio 1's Newsbeat programme: "We knew what we said was quite shocking but we didn't think it would create waves that big.

"Loads of people have copied us since, a lot of bands are saying they're going to do the same thing so it's been inspirational for a lot of people already."