TURNER: 'BOWIE SAVED MY CAREER' Pop legend TINA TURNER has credited celebrity pal DAVID BOWIE with saving her music career in the early '80s.

The LET'S STAY TOGETHER singer, 64, believed her days as a chart-topper were numbered after CAPITOL RECORDS told the veteran star they would not continue her contract.

Turner had only just returned to the music scene after a relatively quiet few years following her split from abusive ex-husband IKE.However, luckily for Turner, label mate Bowie convinced the music giants to re-sign her. Turner says, "In 1983 David Bowie did something very special and significant for me. "We were on the same label, but the decision had been taken not to re-sign me. David, however, had just had his contract renewed by Capitol, who wanted to take him out to dinner that night in New York to celebrate. "'I'm sorry,' he told them, 'but I'm going to the Ritz to see my favourite singer perform.' And that was me. "The bigwigs tagged along and luckily it was a great show. Seeing it and the crowd's reaction turned round how Capitol viewed me.

"It was because of David that I got another deal, and everything else followed. I'll be ever thankful to him."