Toby Keith is voting Republican in the forthcoming U.S. presidential election, after candidate John McCain’s running mate Sarah Pailin seduced him into switching his allegiance.While many American celebrities are backing McCain's opponent Barack Obama, Keith insists the Democrats have lost his vote.He says, "They've run me out of the (Democratic Party). They don't represent anything I stand for anymore. But there are just as many sickos on the right. That's why I'm not registering Republican. But I don't see things right and left, I see them right and wrong."And he is voting Republican purely because of vice presidential candidate Palin - because she's the closest thing to a "human" politician.Keith tells People magazine, "I think she is the best thing in politics at that level I've ever seen. I hate politicians, and she's as far from one as you can get. She's a mother, she's a human being. And I can sympathise with her. She went from being an unknown governor to being on the cover of every magazine."

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