Victoria has been asked to join Russell on his forthcoming UK tour, as his special guest. Russell and his team have asked her to sing two solos of her own backed by Russell’s orchestra as well as a classical duet with Russell during his performance each evening.This is yet a further fantastic opportunity for the 19-year old singer. From wowing Hollywood A-Listers only a year ago at the Cannes Film Festival, this is yet another dream come true for Victoria.'I was of course thrilled to become known as George Clooney’s "singing waitress", but this is about my music and my future musical career. I have been working hard with my musical team on new projects, so to tour with Russell tops my year!'Following Decca’s release of her debut album Whatever Happened To Romance last summer, Victoria has, amongst recording commitments found time to contribute a track to the Christie Hennessey tribute album a raft of high profile live appearances including Glastonbury and a hugely fulfilling appearance at Ronnie Scotts. This has been combined with stage and TV work.Her quirkiness, happy personality and distinctive sense of style attract frequent press coverage. Victoria freely admits she is not a double-zero size and actually loves her ‘Monroe-type figure’. She has been described as a great ambassador for curves!Victoria is also back in the recording studio currently working on two projects: The Forgotten Gershwin and her next solo album.The Gershwin project is based on newly discovered sheet music found in an attic and she has been in conversation with the Gershwin family.Her next solo album promises to be a progressive but natural development. As Victoria says 'I was 16-years old when I started recording my debut album. I’m now an old woman of 19 - with new ideas, a stronger voice and an experimental nature.

'I’m having lots of fun pushing the boundaries of swing, jazz and blues the music I’m known for although I prefer not to be pigeonholed. I regard myself as a pop singer taking influences from every genre of music, in particular the swing era of the 40s and 50s.'

I love that he’s called the ‘People’s Tenor’. I love that he is a crossover artist, singing not only classical but swing, jazz, blues and even country music. His distinctive style over the last 10 years has made operatic and classical music accessible to the masses. He has made it pop!'

'I hope, even in a small way, I can do the same with my music. Crossover means constant experimentation and musical development. I love it.'

And to prove the point, Victoria and Russell have chosen to sing a ‘classical duet’ on the tour.

'When Russell suggested the song, I couldn’t believe it! It is the song I sang all the time as a child with my dad and so has great memories. And Russell is a pretty good substitute for my dad!'