The Yeah Yeah Yeahs are inspired by cats.The Karen O-led band are currently in the studio working on their as-yet untitled third album, and in a new blog have revealed their current influence.The post read: "Fuzzy soft muses aka kittens have played a major role in the writing process of YYYs current and past records. Our last album 'Show Your Bones' was written in Sam Spiegel's home studio amidst the birth of a litter of kittens, little gold lions scrambling around. "Amazingly therapeutic, nothing turns a frown upside down (there are many frowns in the record writing process) as a purring kitten in your lap. Alas our favourite kitten of all, beloved Squeaker, arrived just in time for record three! "Abandoned by his mother, we've watched him grow before our very eyes from a blind and helpless little thing into a frisky and fierce little beauty- much like the tunes we're writing. Go figure."The album is expected to be released later this year.

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