After taking over half a million YouTube views in a week for the music video for latest single 'Another Lonely Night', Adam Lambert sat down with Alan Carr for what he probably thought would be a simple chat show interview.

However, the singer was soon on-stage with Alan bringing his own charm along with Alan's humour to a parody of the famous Queen music video for 'Bohemian Rhapsody', and the singer could hardly keep a straight face throughout.

Meanwhile Adam has recently revealed he'd love to headline Glastonbury Festival with Queen, after touring and working with the band for over four years.

Speaking to Alan about the rumours, he replied: "Why do we even care about the rumours, baby? I don't know! That's the first time hearing of it, so I don't know. If they invited me, yes, of course I would [play]."

He went on to say: "Roger [Taylor] is still a rock star, he loves his clothing. And Brian [May] is sweet and gentle and has humanitarian things he likes to talk about.

"It's lovely because we take a jet - it spoils me! It's fun because we talk about everything. They're amazing and really cool guys - great sense of humour and great stories that they tell from the past. It's good."

Adam's single 'Another Lonely Night' is officially released on November 13.

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