Alex Orbison cried after watching a hologram of his late father performing on stage.

Roy Orbison's hologram

Roy Orbison's hologram

The 42-year-old writer and director - who put together a string of shows that saw his rock n roll dad, Roy Orbison, playing famous hits like 'Oh Pretty Woman' - explained how he was moved when he saw the hologram crying.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, Alex said: "At that point, that's when I started crying just because of being so proud of what my dad was and now is and always will be I guess - and also because I didn't screw it up."

He added: "The profound thing to me was the solidness of the hologram ... this looks like a guy standing on stage."

Alex - who is the youngest son of the musician, who died at the age of 52 - went on to reveal that the appearance of the hologram was so life-like that it caused an argument between a couple in the audience at a show in Cardiff.

He said: "After the first show there was an argument between a guy and his wife that drew in a crowd of people to try and straighten it out because he felt that we had just had a real person on stage.

"He felt that he had been ripped off, he said 'I thought I was going to see a hologram.'"

However, he explained that the process of putting together the shows didn't come without difficulties, saying that the "bar was set high".

Alex added: "The hologram had a real risk to it to make sure it was as good as it could possibly be and that it reflected what my dad - the essence of what Roy Orbison is - and that quality.

"When I first saw it and it was going well, I had a weight of relief because there is a pressure on your shoulders."

On whether his dad would be proud of how successful it has been, he said: "I'm sure that him and Elvis and George and all of the rest of the boys came down to check out a show and had a big laugh and a smile."