Aretha Franklin has declared the death of Prince as "such a blow".

Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin

The 'Respect' singer paid tribute to the 'When Doves Cry' hitmaker, who passed away at his home on Thursday (21.04.16) at the age of 57 and said he was a "unique individual" who was into his music "to the max".

Speaking of the fellow music-industry pioneer, the 73-year-old star told MSNBC: "(It is) such a blow. It's really surreal. It's just kind of unbelievable.

"(He was) a very, very unique musical individual who was so into his music - he was music to the max."

Aretha also revealed that the superstar - who ruled the charts in the 1980s - would sleep in his studio when making music because he was so dedicated to his work.

She added: "I think that he was a very explorative and as I said he was one of those artists that go into the studio and stayed in the studio - he would sleep in the studio.

"Myself when I finish recording as an artist I go home and I am through with it until it's time for me to go back in the studio but some artists just stay in the studio because they love music like that."

The singer joins a long list of stars who have paid tribute to the 'Purple Rain' hitmaker.

Ellie Goulding wrote on Twitter that she was "speechless" in his presence.

She said: "RIP Prince. There will never be anyone else like you. Was so honoured that he presented me with Best female Brit two years back. I was speechless in his presence. What a legend."

Whilst Rita Ora - who sang on his last album 'HITNRUN Phase One' released in December - wrote on Instagram: "You were so special to me your presence the music we created the dance-off's we used to have the laughing we shared.

"The funk oozing out of you was uncontrollable. I'm not quite sure what to do with myself but I will miss you forever and always. I love you my dear kind friend.

"May all my prayers go to his family the whole band (you know who you are, I love you all so much) anybody who felt even one little bit of what I was lucky enough to experience face to face, and let us keep alive the one thing he knew would last forever, his music. I love you P. I will never forget you. Love your Rita."