Beverley Craven sees writing music as more of a hobby than a career now.

Beverley Craven

Beverley Craven

The 'Promise Me' hitmaker has taken a break from the music industry after she had some changes to her life including moving house, and now the singer is in the process of putting together a new album and will be performing at Walled Garden Music Fest at Brightling Park in East Sussex, England this July.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, she said: "The success of 'Promise Me' was amazing. I was the last person who expected that to happen.

"The single had been a hit in Europe for a few months and it looked like it wasn't going to happen here but it was rereleased again and it took off.

"It must be all about luck and timing."

The 53-year-old singer - whose last album was 2014's 'Change of Heart' - took a six year break during the 90s because she admits the business "burnt her".

She said: "I did two albums with Sony Music but I took a break to be a mum and also the whole music business burnt me and it killed my enthusiasm.

"It was a mixture of needing to have some space from it all. I then released another album in 2009 and 2014.

"I'm a bit of a slow writer but I think there's more to life than just working and getting your head down. I enjoy a lot of different things and I see this as more of a hobby then a career."

Beverley is not the only member of her family who has been in the spotlight.

Her daughter Molly was part of British TV dating show 'Take Me Out', but she insist she only did the show as a laugh.

She said: "She does modelling now. If she thinks something is going to be a laugh she will do it. She is very open-minded and up for anything.

"She didn't find love but the producer said she cannot keep turning off her light because they kept bringing on older men. She never saw it as a serious thing."

The Walled Garden Music Fest takes place between Friday July 14 and Sunday July 16 at Brightling Park, East Sussex. Tickets can be bought: