Beyoncé is the "epitome of Girl Power", according to Haim.



The pop star siblings - Este, 32, Danielle, 29, and 26-year-old Alana Haim - say Beyoncé has been hugely supportive to them and they were wildly starstruck when they first met her.

Alana told The Mail On Sunday's YOU Magazine: "She's always been so nice and supportive - and for that even to be a sentence I can actually say is insane to me. I mean, she's the best performer, singer, everything. She's the epitome of Girl Power."

Danielle added: "I'd have to go with meeting Beyoncé [as the most starstruck I've ever been]."

Meanwhile, Haim - who have toured with Taylor Swift and say "the door is always open" to working with her again - have released a new album 'Something to Tell You', inspired by previous relationships.

Este said: "I'm very happy now, but I wasn't that way for a very long time in previous relationships, and we like to write from our experiences."

Danielle added: "When we started going on tour, some guys would have an issue with it. Not surprisingly those relationships, didn't last long."

And Alana says men often don't understand her career.

She said: "For the longest time, I wanted to have a tattoo that said: 'I leave all the time' because that was the automatic complaint for any dude I was dating. They'd say: 'You leave all the time, so it can't work' and I'd say: 'But my job has not changed since we met!' We were brought up to be very independent and to enjoy a relationship but not see it as a necessity and I think, weirdly, that shocks guys sometimes. They're like: 'What do you mean you don't need me?' But I'm single and having a blast, so I don't care. Our new song kind of questions what a modern relationship looks like."

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