Bobby Womack

Bobby Womack

Mos Def and Samuel L.

There has been talk of Mos Def and Samuel L

Jackson have emerged as the frontrunners to play Bobby Womack in a biopic about the soul legend, who died earlier this year (14).

The Across 110th Street singer's longtime tour manager and friend Don Smalls is masterminding the movie and admits he already has a 120-page script that Womack approved before his death in June (14).

Smalls tells WENN, "There has been talk of Mos Def and Samuel L. Jackson, but we're also interested in casting an unknown. "I think with the right producer and director, this could be a real blockbuster.

The new James Brown biopic (Get On Up) is one thing, but this has the makings of becoming a classic.

There's such a story to tell.

"I've got a great script and we're in the process of tweaking that as I speak".