Charli XCX will "never forget" the advice Robyn gave to her early on in her career.

Charli XCX

Charli XCX

The '1999' hitmaker was advised by the Swedish pop superstar who best to combat her stage nerves when they shared a stage together on tour in Australia "a few years ago", and she said it was the best tip she has ever received.

In a joint interview for V magazine, Charli reminded Robyn: "I'll never forget when we were on tour in Australia together years ago ...You came over to me at some party where I was feeling really nervous and you said, 'Don't worry about what anyone else thinks of you. We'll have fun together, being ourselves.'

"It was a really simple gesture, but one that has stuck with me forever."

The 'Dancing On My Own' hitmaker admitted that she wished she had also learned to just "have fun" and block out what everyone else thinks at the start of her own career.

She admitted: "I wish I'd known that earlier! I also wish [I'd known] the difference between things [you] can fix versus those you can't - [whether regarding] relationships, songs, or work.

"I don't know if I've figured that one out yet; I was raised in an environment [where one] had to fix things [themselves]. "Sometimes I'm sad [about] that. I hope to free myself of the fixing - to have more fun and to roll with the punches."

Meanwhile, Charli and her 'Gone' collaborator Christine and the Queens honoured Robyn with the Songwriter Of The Decade prize at the NME Awards earlier this year.

And the 'With Every Heart Beat' singer paid special mentions to her peers, including Charli, Chris and Taylor Swift, who were at the ceremony.

She said: "I've prepared a long speech. I feel like I'm at the awards show at the Fifth Element, the [Luc Besson] film and I'm very flattered for the appreciation that NME has shown me over the years.

"But this is kind of a lifelong prize to be the Songwriter Of The Decade and I appreciate it so much.

"There are so many good songs written by so many good songwriters over this decade.

"Some of them I have had the privilege to work with.

"Two of them are here tonight and I love them both so much. "There are lots of other really talented songwriters here tonight - Christine and Charli, Taylor Swift."

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