Dido has finally got her music mojo back after becoming a mother.



The 46-year-old singer - who will release her first new album in five years in March - gave birth to Stanley seven years ago, and she has revealed how she found the spark again after a period of writer's block.

She told the Daily Star newspaper: "One day I thought: 'I'm going to write a song about having a kid then put it to one side, get that out of my system, done.'

"I'm really proud of it, it came out very naturally and it's just a little song about what it feels like for me to love someone in that way.

"Then at that moment the floodgates opened, suddenly the world became full of songs again."

The burst of creativity - which will culminate with the new album 'Still On My Mind' being released next year - came after Dido struggled to connect with any of her material for a while.

She explained: "After I had my son if I'm honest everything I wrote for a few years after that was rubbish.

"I write about conflict and little moments of light and dark; but there was no conflict. I just loved him and there was nothing to say about that."

Meanwhile, the 'White Flag' hitmaker will be back on the road in 2019 for her first UK tour in 15 years with a run of dates to support the new LP.

Dido's 1999 album 'No Angel' sold over 21 million copies worldwide and the first single, 'Here With Me', broke the charts when it was used as the theme to the hit teen series 'Roswell' and then in the iconic Christmas movie 'Love Actually'.

However, it was the track 'Thank You' that brought her worldwide success when Eminem heard it and asked for her permission to sample it on 'Stan'.

The pair also hit it off as friends and she appeared in the music video as Stan's pregnant girlfriend.

Her follow up 2003 album, 'Life For Rent', produced the hits 'White Flag' and 'Life For Rent'.

Dido's third album 'Safe Trip Home' was released in November 2008 and her fourth, 'Girl Who Got Away', in 2013.

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