Doves are "working towards" new music.

Doves' Jimi Goodwin

Doves' Jimi Goodwin

The 'Black and White Town' trio - comprising Andy and Jez Williams and Jimi Goodwin - returned to live performing earlier this year after a hiatus of nearly 10 years and they have now confirmed fans will get to hear some fresh songs from them, though they warned it could take some time.

Jez said: "We're working towards new music.

"It's impossible to say when, but we have started on that long and winding road."

The trio are enjoying performing live again and thinks they've got the "subtlety" of their sound back.

Jimi told Uncut magazine: "We've got all the subtlety back [on stage]. We'd become quite bombastic but now the feel is right again. It's a real joy."

Although it's been 17 years since the group released their biggest hit, 'There Goes the Fear', they still love to perform it, much to their relief.

Jez said: "It's always been fun to play. We're like vampires, we feed off the crowd's enthusiasm and the reaction and feedback is always great. That's why it never gets boring."

Jimi added: "It would be horrible if we didn't enjoy playing it, having to get up and do it with a grin on your face.

"Every band has got a track that kind of defines them and I guess this is the one that represents us. I'm cool with that. It's a great tune."

But the band didn't expect the song to be so big at the time it was recorded.

Jez said: "We were proud of the track, we loved it, but we never had an idea of 'oh God people are going to love this.'

"We had done that before and we were always wrong.

"But a guy who worked for EMI had this brilliant idea of putting 50,000 copies out and just deleting it the same day. Cool.

"It's a bit elitist, thinking about it now, but it went mental then.

"People were talking about it, radio were playing it, you could sense this general atmosphere around the track. Definitely a lot of love."