Ellie Goulding is set to release double-sided album 'Brightest Blue'.

Ellie Goulding

Ellie Goulding

The 33-year-old pop star has unveiled her follow-up to 2015's 'Delirium' and revealed that Side B sees her lay bare her "vulnerability" and "symbolises growing up and becoming a woman".

On the first half of the record, she shared that it "reflects my vulnerability... it acknowledges a complex world where relationships still dictate our happiness and heartbreak and can still be the most painful thing in the world, no matter how enlightened you are."

She continued: "The tracks also symbolise growing up and becoming a woman."

The other side, which mainly features previously released collaborations, meanwhile, "encapsulates my confident, brave and fearless side and features all my recent collaborations."

The track-list revealed that Ellie has a new collaboration with Lauv on the way called 'Slow Grenade'.

She added: "I often find myself writing about my thoughts and emotions in a way that I know will be catchy and memorable.

"I will always seek to use my voice in ways that no one would ever expect and look to collaborate with the least likely, exciting and eclectic group of other artists."

Ellie - who is a climate change activist - has also used environmentally friendly materials, where possible, for the packaging of the record to help reduce her carbon footprint.

She explained that "great progress has been made on this and I'm pleased we've been able to push the industry forwards, but we are still pushing to do more."

Both the recently released single, 'Power' - which details the pitfalls of dating in the 21st Century - and Ellie's recent collaboration with rapper blackbear, 'Worry About Me', are featured on 'Brightest Blue'.

The 'On My Mind' singer previously opened up on why she has taken five years to put out another record and explained that she "went through a few things".

She admitted: "When I released my last album in 2015, I would have laughed if someone had said that I was going to be releasing my next one in 2020.

"That was not the plan, but I went through a few things."

And the 'Lights' singer - who married art dealer Caspar Jopling last year - ended up writing about "becoming a woman" and owning her independence.

She added: "The album became very centred around having this newfound independence without needing someone else, and becoming a woman - as corny as it sounds.

"I want my music to be hopeful.

"I like to provide people with some kind of remedy, but also just show that everyone goes through the same thing."

'Brightest Blue' is released on July 17.

The track-listing is:

Side A:

'Start' (ft. serpentwithfeet)


'How Deep Is Too Deep'


'Love I'm Given'

'New Heights'

'Ode To Myself'



'Wine Drunk'



'Brightest Blue'



'Worry About Me' (Feat. blackbear)

'Slow Grenade' (Feat.Lauv)

'Close To Me' (With Diplo) (Feat.Swae Lee)

'Hate Me' (With Juice WRLD)

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