Fuzzy Jones is back this week with the brilliant music video for latest single ‘Blue Jean (no. 45)’, which we can bring to Female First readers today! Check it out below:

Chatting about the piece, Fuzzy says: “’Blue Jean (no. 45)’ is a delicately political comment on the current world climate. I wrote it to help myself feel a little less powerless and to maybe encourage a small revolution within the listener. I am also encouraging the use of the hashtag #UpRiseWithMe to start a resistance movement. The no. 45 refers to the current… erm US ‘President’ and funnily enough it goes well with the vinyl release, which is on 45rpm records.”

Rachael Jones who created the film adds: “The song had such an uplifting and stirring effect on me that the visuals I chose I felt needed to be both striking and playful. Collage animation is a great way to subvert and express social criticism, following in the tradition of experimental filmmakers such as Gilliam, Vanderbeek and Svankmajer. Images are a combination of homemade and sourced archive photographs to create an aesthetic that is in keeping with the timeless nature of Fuzzy’s song.”

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