Iggy Azalea's new singles are a "departure" from her upcoming EP.

Iggy Azalea

Iggy Azalea

The 28-year-old singer will release 'Survive the Summer' next month, and though fans have already heard 'Kream' and 'Tokyo Snow Trip', they're more "nostalgic" than the rest of the record because they pay tribute to the music she was making before she landed her record deal.

She said: "They are definitely a departure from my album. But, they're sort of a resurgence, almost, to, or a nod to, my earlier mixtape stuff that I did before I got signed.

"So it's both. It feels new, but it feels nostalgic at the same time for me."

The 'Fancy' hitmaker has found the reception to her new tracks "surreal" because she never expected so much positivity.

She told 'Entertainment Tonight': "It's been really surreal, the last three days, because I didn't think that I would have this reception."

Her new work has even found a fan in her former rival Azealia Banks - but she's unsure whether the 27-year-old rapper will stand by her opinion.

She laughed: "I'll take [the compliment] for today. She changes her mind so much, but today, I will take the compliment.

"I don't know if it will still stand next week, but I'll take it for today."

But Iggy hasn't had chance to listen to Azealia's new track, 'Treasure Island', because she's been too busy to listen to new music.

She said: "Not to be shady or anything. I haven't even listened to 'Scorpion', yet! The Drake album! I need to do that too.

"The last 12 days of my life have been good crazy, but I haven't been sleeping.

"So now I need to just sit down and hear everybody else's projects."