Iron Maiden drummer Nicko McBrain has hinted that the band are working on a new album.

Iron Maiden

Iron Maiden

The 67-year-old star refused to confirm a follow-up to 2015's 'Book of Souls', but he suggested fans of the 'Run to the Hills' rockers should pay close attention to their official website.

Keeping coy, he told BackstageAxxess: "Watch this space: That's all I've gotta say."

However, when he was pressed on whether something is coming out "soon", Nicko was quick to clarify his comments.

He ranted: "No, I didn't say something soon, and I didn't say 'possibly.' Watch this space, is what I said. Don't be putting words in their mouths."

Meanwhile, guitarist Adrian Smith - who completes the current lineup with Steve Harris, Dave Murray, Bruce Dickinson and Janick Gers - has admitted he was never influenced by Eddie Val Halen.

The legendary musician had a massive impact on heavy metal fans around the world, but while Adrian respects Eddie, he took inspiration from other stars.

He explained: "I'd already been playing for a few years before he came out, so your style gets kind of set, but he influenced a lot of people."

Instead, Adrian was inspired by the likes the Beatles, and other special British musicians.

"First bands I listened to, that got me into music, were [Deep Purple], 'Machine Head' era, Free, 'Free Live' [with Paul Kossoff], Humble Pie, going back a bit now.

"All sort of English raucous kind of bands. When [I] started out playing, [I] played The Rolling Stones and Beatles, 'cause they were a few chords; it was easy. And twelve-bar blues -- that's how we started."

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