Jade Thirlwall has been in the studio with Jax Jones.

Jade Thirlwall collaborates with Jax Jones

Jade Thirlwall collaborates with Jax Jones

The Little Mix singer is preparing to launch a solo career after the girl group announced their hiatus earlier this month, and the English DJ, songwriter and record producer has revealed the pair have collaborated on a track, which he hopes will see the light of day.

The 'House Work' hitmaker spilled to The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: “I was in the studio with Jade and she is mega-cool and super-talented. She is also such fun to be around.

“We wrote something really cool so hopefully that can come out too.”

News of the session with Jax, 34, comes after it was reported that the 29-year-old star is in talks with Atlantic Records regarding a solo deal.

A source said: “Jade’s been working super-hard on the new music and those who have heard the tracks say they sound amazing.

“Jade has already met with Sony to talk things through but has really been impressed by Atlantic, and all signs point to her going with them. She has held top-secret talks with them and it’s all really positive.”

And she's also recently signed to Harry Styles' management.

The star inked a deal with Full Stop Management - also home to the likes of Lizzo, Mark Ronson, and Saweetie - and is tipped to have huge solo success like the former One Direction star.

Meanwhile, Jade recently revealed her new music is inspired by verses she's already written as poetry.

She said: "The more writing I’m doing and the more I’ve delved into my love of poetry, I’ve noticed that now when I go into sessions I’ll come in with an existing poem that I’ve written and I’ll be like, ‘I want to turn this into a song’.

“I feel like that really works for me now and has made me a better writer.”

And Jade thinks her boyfriend, Jordan Stephens, has made her a better writer as she learned she doesn't have to keep her poems and her songwriting separate.

She said: “When I wrote poetry, I always think it’s something I keep to myself and I never really present it to the world – I’m so conditioned to be a songwriter that writes pop music.

“But since being with Jordan we have two very different styles of writing. He doesn’t need to rhyme, he just writes how he feels.

“Since being with him, he’s helped teach me that it doesn’t always have to be an obvious structure when it comes to writing.”

Jade feels more “freedom” around her writing now than ever before.

She said: “I’ve definitely felt more of a freedom with the writing than I did before.

“I’m more confident in myself as well.

“One thing I’ve learned from therapy is just because you wake and have a bad morning doesn’t mean it has to be a bad day, there’s still time to turn it around.”