Jessie J this week appeared on a Chinese reality show, where already established performers battle it out to be named champion. The Singer is the name of that show, and it was there that Jessie decided to duke it out with Taiwanese singers Sam Lee and Angela Chang, as well as Chinese rock star Wang Feng.

Performing the beautiful Whitney Houston classic ‘I Have Nothing’, Jessie brought down the house with her stellar vocals, channelling the late pop star but also making the song her own. You can see the performance for yourself in the video below:

Jessie was eventually named the winner of the episode, becoming the first Anglo-American contestant to not only compete on the show, but to take home the title of champion.

Speaking with the audience, she said of why she chose a Whitney song: “Unfortunately I was in the same hotel when she [Whitney] passed, and I want the Chinese audience and everyone else who is going to see it around the world to know, one how much I love Whitney Houston and two, to see how hard I push myself vocally.”

The hotel referenced by Jessie is the one that Houston passed away in, eventually found in her bathtub in 2012.

She later took to her social media to write: “Whitney Houston… You are the reason I started to sing. When I first heard I Will Always Love You I was 4 years old, my life changed forever. You are everything. The best to ever do it. More than anything, I hope I did you proud.”

We’d wager Whitney would be very impressed with the performance, as are we. Congratulations Jessie!

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