John Lydon

John Lydon

John Lydon thinks that the Sex Pistols are too fat to get back together.

The rocker's ruled out a possible reunion with bandmates Steve Jones and Paul Cook because they've all "put on weight".

John shared when asked about a potential reform: "Oh no, that's finished. I mean have you seen us? I mean We've all put on weight but Mr Jones here is coming it at 500 pounds! And I did the butter advert!"

He admitted that he'd been further put off the idea when he watched Mick Jagger take to the stage in 2013 at Glastonbury Festival.

Asked if there should be an age limit on performing, John had some choice words for the Rolling Stones frontman.

"No, only if you're Mick Jagger. Did anybody see last year's Glastonbury? I mean come on Mick... it's not about age here, its about the show off bull****... I wanted the Stones to give us the juice, the stuff that really put them there in the first place.

"But no, it's Mick in ladies' tights and his testicles are frocked and he's running around like a speed freak and then there's the band looking incredibly embarrassed."

Despite confirming a Sex Pistols reunion isn't on the cards, he does insist that he'll be making more music anyway.

"[I'd stop] only if I got bored with it, and as long as there's human beings in the world, I'm not going to get bored."

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