Jonas Blue has "got to do a job" - despite the threat of coronavirus.

Jonas Blue

Jonas Blue

The 30-year-old DJ continues to travel the world with his music, and it seems he hasn't been deterred by the threat of the virus, which has already prompted many other high-profile musicians to cancel or change their touring plans.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz on the blue carpet at the Global Awards 2020 with at London's Eventim Apollo Hammersmith, the DJ - whose real name is Guy Robin - said: "I had to remember where I was last night - I was in Dublin last night, I'm on my own tour at the minute, called the Blueprint Tour and yeah we're just doing everywhere round the UK and Ireland and then we go to Japan next week and, yeah, it's been amazing so far."

Asked whether he's been deterred from travelling by the coronavirus, he explained: "Yeah, I don't really know at the minute, I just got to do a job! Yesh, I gotta keep people happy so, you know I got to do what I got to do."

The DJ has previously spoken of his ambition to collaborate with Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes.

And although that aspiration has yet to come to fruition, he has recently worked with another big-name artist, and he's still refusing to give up on working with Camila.

Asked if the proposed collaboration is happening, he replied: "It's not at the minute, I just got Paloma [Faith] on the new one, so let's see.

"I just saw Camila walking round so I'm going to go try and find her and get the track going!"

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