As she invades dancefloors across the globe, K-Syran has hand-picked Swedish giant Stonebridge, and Danish Manhattan Clique to grind their genius into her Norwegian vocals; with a dash of UK inspiration from the globally-renowned Cutmore. Currently smashing the Ibiza music scene with her Stonebridge remix of new track Shake That Booty, K-Syran is celebrating her recent success with Female First by revealing her top 5 booty shakers for summer 2018.

K-Syran returns to Female First

K-Syran returns to Female First

5. Skiing

That moment when I can snap on my skis and walk up the mountains! I’m shaking my booty with happiness! As an actress I played a yoga guru and had to learn how to meditate. I was given a mantra but I’m not really using it. Honestly, to me, walking with my skis uphill in the beautiful mountains is meditation, I’m in heaven.

4. Dancing

Dancing has been my salvation always! As the song goes, “I’m gonna wash that man right out of my hair”; to me it’s, “I’m gonna dance that man right out of my skin”. To dance is therapy to me; it’s as if I clear my system completely. After a whole night of dancing I feel liberated.

3. Success

Positive news about my music makes me wiggle my booty. When you write a new song and others like it, it gives such a rewarding feeling. I’ve been performing the new track live across UK gay Pride events this year and watching them shaking their booties feels totally overwhelming and gratifying!

2. Retail Therapy

Buying myself something beautiful. I love boots! Sexy boots really get my booty going! That sensation of putting on a pair of funky boots makes you feel good about yourself and definitely gets your booty swinging.

1. Animals

Animals wiggle their booties and I love animals! My cat had three kittens [recently] and that made me jump for joy; she’s such a good cat mum! I also have two black Labs, mum and daughter; she had eight puppies and I saved the life of the first one so I had to keep her of course; I feel like her mum a bit. I also have a parrot; he is beautiful, grey and pink. My friend got the female version so we’re planning some parrot babies soon, too!

Shake That Booty is officially released for streaming and download on July 13, 2018. For more information visit

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