Kate Nash calls for better support systems for musicians.

Kate Nash

Kate Nash

The 32-year-old singer was just 17 when she signed a record deal with Polydor, and scored a number one album with her debut record 'Made of Bricks' in 2007.

And now, she's said her meteoric rise to fame at such a young age left her without a support system, as she slammed those around her at the time for not being "concerned about [her] health in any way".

She said: "Artists often have mental health issues. And their lifestyles are unstable because of all the travelling and the media commentary on their lives. Now I'm like: 'How were all these 40-year-old men hanging out with me and happy to profit from me and not concerned about my health in any way?'"

The 'Foundations' hitmaker added that although Hollywood has "problems" of its own, she believes actors are able to talk to someone if they have an issue, whereas the music industry doesn't have that security.

Speaking to The Guardian newspaper, she said: "As many problems as there are with Hollywood, I feel so much more protected because if there's a serious issue, I have someone I can talk to.

"Where's that in the music industry? We need it. Because our lifestyles are associated with partying, it hasn't had to be professional. But you're like: 'Where's HR?'"

Meanwhile, back in 2018, Kate slammed the music industry as "the most unprofessional business in the world".

The 'Trash' singer said: "It's a night-time lifestyle - people are fucked and doing drugs and drinking. Labels are buying drugs. Men in their 30s and 40s are buying drugs for 18-year-olds. That's f***ed up. I haven't personally experienced anybody like that. I haven't had a #MeToo moment of people in the music industry. I've had inappropriate s**t, though. I've had unprofessionalism. I've had them treat me like s**t, like a piece of meat, and not care about me really at all."

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