Kodaline keep getting asked to perform at fans' weddings.



The Irish rock band - comprised of Steve Garrigan, Jason Boland, Vincent May and Mark Prendergrast - are known for their emotional ballads and are constantly asked if they will soundtrack first dances at various weddings but they, so far, have always said they are "too busy".

In an interview with the Daily Star newspaper, frontman Steve said: "We get quite a lot of messages to be honest but we usually say we're too busy. It is pretty flattering, there's this one song on the second album 'The One' that I wrote for my friend, I said I'd write him the song as a wedding present. I played it at his wedding, just left it and then we recorded it and it has ended up becoming a song that a lot of people use as their first dance at their weddings."

The 30-year-old singer admits his friend wasn't happy that his wedding present has become so popular as it isn't exclusive to him anymore.

He said: "My friend is a little annoyed as it's supposed to be his song but it's become a song for a lot of people."

Although Steve is in a happy long-term relationship and although marriage is something he thinks about he is in no rush to pop the question to his girlfriend Diana Bunici anytime soon.

He revealed: "I'm in a very happy relationship and it will probably happen at some point but I'm very chilled out with the whole marriage thing."

The group's new LP 'Politics of Living' was released earlier this month, and on the new record the group have experimented with different electronic sounds and production styles.

Steve said: "Going out of our comfort zone achieving a new sound is pretty daunting."