Louis Tomlinson has admitted that he had more fun being a part of One Direction than going it alone as a solo act in the music industry. Though he enjoyed success with his single ‘Just Hold On’ and more-recent release ‘Back To You’, he acknowledges that the job is harder on his own.

Louis Tomlinson

Louis Tomlinson

Speaking with MTV Asks, the singer explained: “It’s definitely a lot harder in that, I’m sure everyone would say that when we first went into the band we were obviously very young, and we all got on so well, but we felt kind of impenetrable at that time.

“So, I think, you know, naturally as you got older, and also now I’m out on my own, you feel the pressures more I suppose. I don’t think either is better or worse.

“In terms of fun of course it’s gonna be more fun when you’re in the band and you’ve got people to share it with.”

Despite the success that each member of 1D looks to be having since the band split, he says there’s “no question” the group will be working together again in the future, bringing back one of the world’s most beloved pop acts.

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