Max George and Tom Parker are hoping to reunite The Wanted.

The Wanted

The Wanted

The singers have been discussing reforming the boyband - which also featured Nathan Sykes, Jay McGuiness and Siva Kaneswaran - and they believe their music still holds up, seven years after they went on hiatus.

Max, 32, told The Sun newspaper's Bizarre column: "I love the boys, the band, the buzz, the fans, the music… I love it all. I would love to do it again. I’ve spoken to Tom a lot and he was like, ‘Yeah, cool. If it happens, it happens’.

"Despite everything he is going through, I know Tom would do it tomorrow. The boys are all over the place doing their own thing. They are all really successful. But would I do it? A million per cent I would.

"I hear it a lot still, so it feels like it has never gone anywhere. The music hasn’t aged and, for me, 'Glad You Came' will be a summer banger forever.”

Meanwhile, Tom, 32, is currently battling a grade four glioblastoma - an aggressive brain cancer - but he is making a documentary about the disease and has vowed not to stop fighting.

He previously said: "Almost a year ago, my world was turned upside down by my diagnosis.

"It’s been an emotional few months for me and my family. But I’m determined to both fight the disease and the terrible situation of the chronically low level of research that goes towards finding a cure and treatment for glioblastoma.

"In this documentary, as well as exploring the medical and human aspects of this disease, I am determined to raise awareness and raise as much money as we can through the concert to help advance crucial cancer research and develop new treatments."