McFly meet up at the pub for "therapy" sessions.

Danny Jones

Danny Jones

Guitarist-and-singer Danny Jones has spoken about how vital it is to be open about mental health, especially in a band, and he "encourages" everyone to speak up instead of suffering in silence, the latter which he has admitted he's been a "culprit" of in the past.

The 33-year-old musician also admitted he and his bandmates - Tom Fletcher, Dougie Poynter and Harry Judd - came close to "burnout" before they decided to go on hiatus in 2016.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he said: "We've done so much growing up.

"Dougie was 15, he had to be home-schooled.

"We've been through ups and been through downs.

"It's family.

"We've become men. We've become fathers.

"We had a break because we felt we would've burnt out.

"There were some things that needed talking about.

"I encourage people with mental health issues to talk about it.

"I was a culprit of not talking about it."

Danny previously admitted he didn't realise he was battling with anxiety until he shared his physical symptoms with Dougie - who spent some time in rehab for depression back in 2011 - one day.

He explained: "One of the first people I talked to was Dougie [Poynter]. We were coming out of this queue when we were travelling and I felt so claustrophobic, as though I couldn't get out of a situation of anxiety. I said to him: 'Mate, sometimes I feel weird like my heart rate goes up, cold sweating and my head goes dizzy.' Dougie said: 'I feel the same.' From then, I was like, so it's not only me."

The four-piece will play their first show in nine years at The O2 arena in London on November 20, followed by a full tour next April and May, and they have ditched their partying ways and have swapped booze for green tea and and energy drinks.

Asked how it will be different this time, Danny said: "We're not as drunk, we're not as high.

"It's green tea, sparkling water and Powerade.

"I just go to the pub with my mates now.

"It's like a therapy session.

"Life's about balance, just find a balance and be happy."

Meanwhile, 'The Voice Kids UK' coach also teased his plans to release more solo music.

Asked what his plans are after the McFly tour, he said: "I've not thought about that.

"I've got loads of songs that I want to release personally, what the fans want to hear.

"I just enjoy it so much, it's all I know.

"McFly allows us to be who we are.

"The solo stuff allowed people to see my side of the story."

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