Meghan Trainor's father will feature on her new album.

Meghan Trainor

Meghan Trainor

The 'All About That Bass' hitmaker hasn't dropped an LP since 2016's 'Thank You' but she's been working hard on the next release and has teased that her dad Gary is featured on one of the tracks called 'Good Morning'.

Speaking during a Facebook Q&A, she said: "Any features? Of course. I have a feature. My father. My dad, Gary Trainor, is featured on one of my songs. It's called 'Good Morning' and I've always wanted my dad to be featured, so it was a big dream. It's also because I was playing the piano and my nails were clicking and they were like, 'Do you have a bracelet on?' and I was like, 'No, please don't be the nails,' and it was, so I was like, 'Dad, can you play this part for me?' And he did and killed it."

Her dad isn't the only one involved as Meghan has got the whole family on board.

She explained: "[On 'No Excuses'] my older brother Ryan sang that and my mom sang it and my fiancé Daryl and sweet guy named Matt, who was in the room at the time. ... Do they have solo moments? No, they're just doing backgrounds because they sound so good, you know. But every clap you hear, that's my family and my managers. I brought them on this promo run because it's their album, too."

The 24-year-old singer has teased that the album is full of "intense love songs" but she doesn't know when the album will be ready for release.

She said: "So many love songs. They're pretty intense love songs. So not your classic, 'Ooh boy I met you and things are great.' It's like, 'I'm down forever to be yours,' you know, very passionate big anthems, big pop songs.

"They remind me of personally of the big sound of young Britney Spears that's like, [sings] 'Stronger than yesterday,' but imagine that in a love song. We have a lot of those. We have songs about loving yourself and a dance song. Classic Meghan Trainor stuff. ... I honestly don't know when we get to release [the album]."

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