Michael Buble doesn't think he'll ever be "light-hearted" again after his son's cancer battle.

Michael Buble

Michael Buble

The 43-year-old singer and his wife Luisana - who have children Noah, five, Elias, two, and three-month-old Vida together - were left devastated when their oldest son was diagnosed with liver cancer in 2016 and Michael admits the ordeal has changed him forever.

Discussing his new album, 'Love', he told OK! magazine: "I took all of my fear, my gratitude and my pain and I just wrote.

"I never understood the level of pain.

"I wish that I didn't have any of that. I wish that I was light-hearted again, because I never will be in my life.

"But that's OK because that's just what it is to be human."

But the 'Haven't Met You Yet' admits Noah's diagnosis gave him "clarity" and an appreciation for what really mattered at a time when he was heading for a "downfall" in his career.

He explained: "I lost my love of all of it. I was having no fun, zero.

"My decisions, artistically, were based on fear - the fear of losing it.

"I cared about what people thought, what the internet was saying, and I lost my way.

"And if I hadn't got the diagnosis [for Noah], I don't think it would have ended well anyway. I was headed for a great downfall.

"As I was having this crisis, the diagnosis came and all of a sudden, this clarity.

"I was like, 'What are you worried about asshole? You're worried about what the internet said? Or what is number two on the chart?' And it embarrassed me."

Michael vowed in that moment never to seek out coverage of himself and his career again.

He added: "Sitting on my own in a hospital, I knew I'd never look on social media again, never look at a review, never read my name.

"And from that day, which was HAlloween, I never again read my name in print and I never will."

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