Being the first conscious electronic world music artist I love to transgress borders and mindsets with my music by infusing electronica with world music instruments.

Nathassia hopes to change the world through her music

Nathassia hopes to change the world through her music

Since the invention of the 80’s term “World Music”, it has connected countries, cultures and languages. The term was initially invented to bring foreign music closer to the mainstream of western popular music. Even though the UK charts are now filled with South American style floor fillers, I feel that the evolving of this process has maybe reached it peak. On the contrary, electronic music has spread out in the last few years like a virus all over the globe, infecting an entire new generation of music lovers. And it’s evolvement is ongoing.

I decided it would be a great opportunity to use the fluidity of electronic music, to continue the progress of world music by merging the two. The ideology of connecting countries, cultures and languages could expand in a new way. After all, isn’t that what music is all about!

I am lucky that I have so many wonderful fans all over the world from such diverse countries as Egypt, Morocco, India, Mexico, Portugal, Greece, Brazil and Suriname. A really important aspect of connecting with my international fans is social media. The fact that they can watch my videos and stream my music so easily and often for free, means I can have an instant rapport with all those enjoying my music. Regular live streaming sessions gives me the opportunity to have real-time and a personal connection with my fans. Thanks to technology the actual distance between us simply fades away and we can be instantly connected as if we were in the same place. I am also in discussions with a new virtual reality company to take this process further.

Another advantage of the internet is that it allows me to get my message out there. I have strong views on many subjects that I like to entwine with the electronic beats such as male & female relationships, multiculturalism, paganism and love consciousness merging with artificial intelligence. A recent publication in Brighton described my views as both gnostic and futuristic. This is no surprise as I tackle these subjects in my live show. With songs about goddesses, powerful women from the past like queen Nefertiti and what’s coming soon with A.I. and robotics.

Something I did not expect was for my music to hit a nerve with so many different cultures and appeal to men and women from so many ethnic backgrounds. Unusually, a very high percentage of my fans are from Arab countries, but I don’t speak a word of the language and I haven’t really been there much! Thank goodness for Google Translate!

Being described as “a role model for multiculturalism” by the Mauritius Times meant such a lot to me. I was born in The Netherlands as a product of two controversial cultures, my mother being from Indian descent but born in Suriname, South America, and my father Dutch. Growing up meant absorbing so many different cultural and musical influences, but at the same time it was a challenge to find my own identity without shaking off either the Dutch or Indian side. Especially being a female.

A pleasant surprise is how accepting men have been of my image from what are perceived to be places where it is much more difficult for females to branch out and have their own career. This sits well with me as I champion the emerging independence of women. It feels like things are really moving faster in this area but there are still a lot more changes that need to happen. I have recently received many requests from radio and publications on this subject, for instance next weekend I will be featuring on the first ever all-female artists day on South Africans leading EDM and electronica radio station.

To conclude, from my perspective, technology has made it much more accessible for me to reach my goals. I can record, produce my music & vocals by myself without necessarily the need of the strong arms of a man to carry heavy equipment! (Perhaps with the exception of when I perform live!)

As we enter the feminine cycle, the world will allow the divine feminine to play a more equal role on the world stage.