Nelly Furtado felt "broken" before she started recording her new album 'The Ride'.

Nelly Furtado

Nelly Furtado

The 38-year-old singer songwriter is set to release her new LP next month and the star has admitted prior to returning to the studio to record the tracks she was "really empty", but she believes that has led her to "write good stuff", which she is "hands down more proud" of than anything she has penned before.

Speaking to about her latest venture, the brunette beauty said: "I came [into the studio] broken. I came there really empty. As cliché as it is, when you're really going through it, it can be so good for songwriting. I hate saying that, because then people feel like they have to go through adversity to write good stuff, which I don't think is true ... but I'm hands down more proud of these lyrics than any lyrics I've ever written."

The 'I'm Like A Bird' hitmaker joined forces with Grammy award winning music producer and writer John Congleton on the upcoming compilation and has praised him for helping her "repair, restore, and reinvent" herself.

She explained: "I just felt like John was a nice slice of the old school that I wanted in on.

"I ran into John's little weird bathroom where he keeps his Grammy, along with weird photos of families he doesn't know from second-hand stores. And then I cried. What was happening creatively was a total refuge for me. I had gone there to repair, restore, and reinvent myself and become whole again, because I feel like I did come broken."

Meanwhile, Nelly has vowed to continue "following [her] heart" and being "authentic" so she doesn't end up with any regrets.

She said: "I'm definitely not into regret as a concept. I've always pretty much tried to live by following my heart, and I feel like if you're following your heart and you're being authentic in the moment, you can't ever really regret anything."

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