Normani says the success she's achieved as a solo artist feels like an "out-of-body experience".



The 22-year-old singer is familiar with chart success thanks to her time in Fifth Harmony, but Normani has conceded that the reaction to her debut solo hit, 'Love Lies', has been "mind-blowing".

She shared: "Honestly ... [it's] a dream come true.

"I'm so grateful and so blessed and it's just amazing. For this to be the first record that kind of introduces me to the world with my own artistry, aside from who they've known to be Normani in Fifth Harmony for so long, it's really crazy and mind-blowing.

"It's kind of like an out-of-body experience, even for me, because it's like I can't believe I actually did that, or I was part of that."

Although Normani always felt passionately about the record, she wasn't entirely certain whether her efforts would lead to chart success.

The singer - whose single also features vocals from Khalid - told Billboard: "To have a record that I cared so deeply about with Khalid - he's one of my closest friends ... We knew that the song felt good, but we didn't necessarily know ... you hope for the best, but you really don't know.

"So it's just really cool to see it soaring and spreading its wings and doing so amazing and connecting with so many people. It's been awesome."

Meanwhile, Normani has also provided an update on her debut solo album, saying she's been like a "kid in a candy shop".

She said: "Sonically and creatively, I'm able to do absolutely anything that I wanna do now.

"It's like a kid in a candy shop. It's overwhelming sometimes, because there's like so much you can do but the options are limitless, so I'm excited."

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