Olly Murs has teased that Rowan Atkinson is to star in his new music video.

Olly Murs

Olly Murs

The 34-year-old singer's latest single 'Moves' is featured in upcoming spy spoof 'Johnny English Strikes Again', which sees the comic actor reprise his role as the hapless titular spy for a third time.

And Olly has teased that Rowan, 63, will be making an appearance in character in the promo for 'Moves'.

When asked if the 'Mr. Bean' star is in the video during an interview on BBC Radio Two, Olly laughed: "He might be! Johnny English is so amazing, it's great to be part of this film.

"I haven't really watched the 'Johnny English' films before, I've seen parts of it when it's been on, like, on a Sunday. But I watched this in the cinema and Rowan Atkinson, well, he's just brilliant at that sort of slapstick London humour. I met him yesterday (01.10.18) to do something with him and he was such a lovely, lovely man."

The 'Trouble' hitmaker's new track features rapper Snoop Dogg and was co-written by fellow pop star Ed Sheeran, and Olly admits that once he heard what Ed had come up with for him he just knew that the hip hop legend would be perfect for the track.

He said: "It's been really exciting, it's been pretty amazing. I've known Ed a long, long time I wanted to come back with new music with a bit of a bang, something cheeky. I had a brief conversation with Ed and he had a song that he'd written that fitted perfectly for me. Then we just said right we've gotta get someone exciting and cool on it, to get that kind of swag so we got Snoop Dog.

"My bank balance is damaged quite a bit but we've managed to get Snoop in, but he loved it wanted to be a part of it."