Plan B became domesticated during his break from the spotlight.

Plan B

Plan B

The 'Love Goes Down' hitmaker has revealed after settling down and purchasing his first house, he developed a knack for creating and recycling his own furniture and has an addiction to bidding for items on reselling site eBay.

He told the Daily Star newspaper: "I bought a house, got really into interior design, got addicted to eBay, start buying sh*t, up-cycling it and turning it into kitchen units."

It comes after the rapper - whose real name is Ben Drew - confessed he felt "spiritually lost" after he released 2012 LP 'Ill Manors' and the film of the same name.

The 33-year-old musician, actor and film director - who shot to fame with the hit 2010 song 'She Said' - had been out of the limelight since 2012 , until he made his comeback in June this year, with new single, 'In The Name Of Man'.

Ben completely lost contact with his family and friends after becoming famous.

And during his five-year break, he gave himself the time to rekindle with his close ones and to take in his whirlwind career.

He said previously: "I felt spiritually lost it the end of 'Ill Manors'.

"I hadn't seen my family really since 2009. Certain friendships were just completely dissolving. I'd always felt like I was fighting to be taken seriously, fighting for recognition, and suddenly I had it all and I thought 's*** I've got nothing to fight for.

"I took three years off to reconnect with my friends, my family and read books.

"When was the last time I read a book? Finally I was in a position to look back and make sense of what had happened."

The ' Deepest Shame' singer had a baby girl in that time and said becoming a father forced him to grow up.

He said: "There I was reaching out to the universe going 'I need to reconnect spiritually with myself', and it was 'bang your girlfriend's pregnant'.

"And I thought 'is this a joke? I thought I was getting some time to myself!' But then I thought 'why wouldn't I have a kid with you?'"

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