I don't think anyone saw me coming

Affectionately known as 'The People's Soprano', Rebecca Newman isn't just an exciting classical-crossover British act, but one that continues to deliver on so many levels.

Independently she's managed to seel over 15,000 albums to-date, headlined a 20-date UK tour and appeared on countless television and radio shows, sharing stages with big names such as Aled Jones and Russell Watson.

Now she's back with brand new collection 'Dare To Dream', an album that immediately sold out on Amazon and was quickly snatched off shelves in HMV up and down the country.

Rebecca Newman / Credit: Jay Fewtrell
Rebecca Newman / Credit: Jay Fewtrell

"I don't think anyone saw me coming" Rebecca says.

"I don't think I even expected this level of demand for the album!" she continued, before explaining how some fans hadn't even been able to get their copies because of such a high demand.

After beating out entrants from major labels including Universal and Sony Classical, she's now got her eyes set on taking the Christmas number one chart spot.

Next week (Friday, October 31) will see Rebecca perform as a guest for the BBC Radio Two Young Chorister of the Year competition at St Paul's Cathedral - her first time in St Paul's.

"I'm so excited. For a singer, performing in such a beautiful acoustic space is always a real pleasure."

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