Rick Parfitt claims The Springfields inspired him to become a musician.

Rick Parfitt

Rick Parfitt

The Status Quo guitarist revealed he was a huge fan of late pop singer Dusty Springfield's original band, which featured featuring her brother Tom Springfield and producer Mike Hurst, and believes he may never have developed such a keen interest for music without the 1960s band.

He exclusively told BANG Showbiz: "I've always been a huge Dusty Springfield fan. When I was just a boy I used to listen to The Springfields all the time and I don't think I'd be a musician without them."

As well as being inspired to pick up a guitar and begin learning about music, the 66-year-old rocker - who has a slew of hits to his name including 'Rockin' All Over the World', 'Whatever You Want' and 'Down Down' - Rick explained the first ever band he was in covered the group's single 'Island of Dreams' which drove him to pursue music as a career.

He added: "I was in a band called The Highlights and we did a rendition of 'Island of Dreams' and it made me realise I wanted to do music properly."